Falling Slowly – May 21st

My spring semester finished up last week so I’m back home for the summer. I’ll be performing in 42nd Street with The Lex come July but until then I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do. Spent today brushing up on my piano skills which are quite rough (as evidenced by the video). Maybe I’ll pull out my harp tomorrow!

If anyone has suggestions on how to keep boredom at bay, send them my way!




I mention my major fairly often but as a reminder I’m studying Musical Theatre, International Business, and Dance at university. My dream is to be a performer. I’m not too picky on whether that means stage or screen, straight plays or musicals, theme parks or dancing. Really I’d like to do it all, but as long as I can make a living performing I will be thrilled. I’ve been pretty lucky so far and hopefully that luck continues through 2015 and beyond!

To give you an idea of some of the stuff I work on, here’s a student film I was part of this semester. I’m still pretty new to film and I have a lot to learn but it was an awesome script to work on with an equally awesome cast and crew!

Fellers (2014) from Cameron Carpenter on Vimeo.

Two amateur documentary filmmakers catch footage of a story that could possibly ruin or boost their current project.

The Comedy of Errors

Tonight is the final performance of Western Kentucky University’s production of The Comedy of Errors. This has been such a wonderful show to work on as it’s the first time I’ve done a full Shakespeare play. It’s been a nice challenge to make sense of and memorize verse. Not to mention how much I adore my cast. We’ve taken up some odd traditions during the run, such as pre-show workouts! If you’re in town, come see the last show tonight at 8pm in Russell Miller Theatre!





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