Good afternoon, friends! I’m on Spring Break this week and therefore playing catch up on blogging. We got a bit of an early start on break when Snowpocalypse 2.0 (also known as Snowtorious B.I.G. Jr.) rolled in. Classes were cancelled Thursday and Friday but the roads were bad enough that I was stuck in a hotel for that time. Made it back home on Friday afternoon and haven’t done much since. The week ahead looks pretty boring – no crazy trips or big plans.

So far this weekend I’ve read 5 books: Grave Mercy, The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, and Wicked (not the book the musical is based on fyi). Currently finishing out The Iron Fey series with The Iron Knight. The series is by Julie Kagawa, whose Blood of Eden series I just finished during the last snow week!


Other than delving into all the magical stories I can get my hands on, I’ve spent the last few days exercising, baking and eating far too much (bye bye Broadway body), seeing The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with my family, and starting The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix (watch it, it’s so good!).


Outfit Details: LBD tee – Forever21 // Crescent earrings – ASOS // Boots – Charlotte Russe

lbdAny book recommendations to keep me occupied this week? Hope you’re having a lovely Monday! xx


Guess who hasn’t blogged in months? Well hello, here we are again.


Outfit details:
Boots – Charlotte Russe // Top – Thrifted // Earrings – ASOS

A brief catch-up on my life: currently on Winter break after a crazy semester where I played my fair share of children, prostitutes, and one recurring stressed college student. Spending one last week at home eating too much and avoiding responsibilities before flying off to New York and London for three weeks.
I’m going to try to queue up a few belated outfit posts, but if you’d like to stay up to date on what I’m up to, follow me on Instagram and Twitter! Both @fionaisabelle.

Senior Year

Senior Year

Outfit Details:
Plaid Dress – Tommy Hilfiger (similar here)
Slingbacks – Goodwill
Locket – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland collection

Hype on Lookbook!

It’s been quite a long time since my last post. As in months. A lot has happened in that time and, at the same time, little has changed. I went on hiatus from blogging (several times actually…whoops) because I wasn’t feeling myself, didn’t feel like I had anything original to share with the world, and wasn’t feeling joy writing about or living my life. I wish I could tell you that has all changed, that I’ve gone on a magical quest that led to my being crowned Queen of the Dragons and discovering my purpose!

Alas, that is not quite the case.

However, I’ve felt inclined to get back to blogging over the past few weeks, so here I am. I’ve missed documenting my life and putting my thoughts down in writing. I’ve also missed the feedback and connections I’ve shared with people over posts. So here is my attempt at returning to that!

Kicking off with an outfit post as usual! This week marked the beginning of my Senior year of university and above is what I wore for the first day of school. The plaid shirt dress is Tommy Hilfiger, picked up this summer while visiting my grandmother in Virginia. The mustard slingbacks were a find at Goodwill and the necklace is Disney Alice in Wonderland themed!

As for school, this year has me anxious already though I’m hoping to overcome that. Unfortunately my Musical Theatre major and Dance minor are nearly complete meaning the bulk of my classes are for my International Business major and Honors thesis. It is no secret that I much prefer my artistic major, so I’m not thrilled about some of my coursework. Currently taking 20 hours and auditing 6: 3 management classes, finance, performing arts career seminar, musical theatre repertoire, rehearsal and production, voice lessons, touring a new children’s show around Kentucky, and researching for my thesis called Backwards in High Heels: Examining the Careers and Artistic Contributions of Fred Astaire’s Dance Partners. Please note the lack of dance or acting classes. But the most stressful part is figuring out whether I can graduate on time and if the classes I need will be offered in Spring. I have 30 hours left to complete, which I can hypothetically finish my the end of next Summer if the school is willing to work with me but life often doesn’t like to work out that easily, so I may be staying an extra semester in Kentucky. Not ideal for my life plans or bank account, but honestly my pride would suffer the most!

That’s enough of my rambling life update for now…kudos if you’ve read this far! If you’ve just started another year at school, I hope things are going smoothly right now! And hopefully you’ll hear more from me soon…

xx Fiona



It’s been awhile. Seems like I’m always starting posts with that sentence, hm? I do apologize for my inconsistent posting this semester. I’ve not been feeling quite myself. Usually I’m bursting with words and ideas and creativity, so much so that it’s hard to turn even half those ideas into realities. Yet this semester I have felt very empty – I feel like I’ve lost my creativity, words fly from my mind before I can put them on paper, none of my ideas are worth pursuing. It’s been so incredibly frustrating, I just want to feel like me again! I honestly don’t know what the fix is or if there even is one, but I need that creativity, that excitement, that magic back. I’ll let you know when I find it again…



Outfit Details: Vintage Pendleton skirt, Old Navy tank, gifted scarf

DSC_1252-001 DSC_1244-001

DSC_1243-001 DSC_1234-001

So now I see my colors are far from perfect…

So now I see my colors are far from perfectAn actual outfit post?! *Gasp* what is happening? I haven’t been taking outfit photos anywhere near as often as usual for the past few weeks, in part due to being busy with Comedy of Errors. It’s also been cold, I’ve been feeling uninspired, and my body image isn’t fantastic right now. But I finally took a few shots today of my rather typical autumn/winter attire. The sweater is from Street Scene Vintage and scarf from Modcloth, paired with shorts, tights, and my favorite combat boots.

As for the title of today’s post, I’ve been listening to a lot of music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud of late. The Intermission Project’s EP Sorry has been on replay for the past few days, and the lyric is from their title song. You can listen to their music on Soundcloud or buy the EP on Bandcamp.