the lost art of keeping secrets

Starting fresh…

2015 has been…well, hard to narrow down to a single word. There were highs and there were lows. The year is finishing off in the lows, which makes me want to yell “2015 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year!” But when I stop to think, there has been so much good between the difficult bits. I went to New York and London, I performed in many shows, I met so many wonderful new friends, I graduated college…so thank you, 2015, for those moments. But I’m asking the universe for more of those moments in 2016!

On to resolutions, which I doubt I’ll actually keep but why not set myself up to fail? Mm I’m in such a positive mood today. No but really these are things I’d like to do more of this coming year, whether or not I accomplish them daily.

  1. Be healthier (aka the standard resolution). I put on my big girl panties and joined a gym after graduation and have gone nearly every day so the main goal is to keep this up. The next step is truly fixing my diet. While I would love for the end result to be a leaner body, what I want most is to be stronger. Strong enough for anything life throws my way.
  2. Make art every day. I would like to motivate this by choosing a word every day as my inspiration. So I welcome any word suggestions!
  3. Embrace new challenges and face old fears. I’ve just graduated and will likely be moving to New York (or anywhere I can get a performing job) soon so this year is going to be filled with challenges and (hopefully) opportunities. I get very anxious about not knowing what the future holds, so I’d like to focus on going with the flow this year. I want to step out of my comfort zone and face whatever comes my way with a smile. Even if I fail, I’ll keep striving for success.
  4. Be more socialThis resolution actually terrifies me. I am a textbook introvert and am pretty uncomfortable in many social situations. But again, it’s a year of new beginnings. And when I move, I will be without my current family and friends. I need to push myself to go out and meet people instead of (only) sitting at home reading.
  5. Be more frugal. I’ve been lucky enough to have incredible parents who’ve provided for my every need. And while I am pretty good with money, I will be living on my own in (most likely) a very expensive city. Probably without a job for awhile. Which means far less online shopping, far fewer visits to Panera, and far more saving. I should also make an attempt to put my business degree to use and put some money in stocks and the like.

I have many other things I’d like to focus on in 2016, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

I hope 2016 is kind to all of you and that you find the strength to face any challenges the year brings!



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