IMG_3668We’ve ended up with a full week off from classes thanks to the snow and freezing cold. As nice a break as that is, cabin fever set in early and I’ve been searching for ways to use my time productively. I’m the type of person who thrives on a schedule and is terrified of free time. I feel like I need to use every moment doing something productive. Relaxing means wasting time in my mind, and I always feel guilty about that.

So in an effort to do something other than sit in my dorm all day I’ve been visiting (breaking into) the studios all week to stretch, sing, or work on monologues. Can’t say I’ve really accomplished much but doing something is better than nothing, I suppose. And now that I’m back in the warmth of my dorm I’m going to make an effort to queue up some belated travel and outfit posts for this blog!

Stay warm xx


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