A New Year

I’ve never been great about New Year’s Resolutions. I always have a few grandiose ideas of what a new year will bring, a year where I magically acquire the discipline, focus, and luck to make all my dreams come true. I’ll eat healthy foods and stay in killer shape and book some big acting job and not have to worry about money or school. Unfortunately, things never work out quite that well.

Now I would love for 2015 to be the year where all those dreams came true, but I’m going to try to be a little more realistic this time around. Looking back at 2014, it was a bit of a mess. It had its moments, certainly, but I would say that overall the stress and frustration this year brought outweighed the rewards. So in 2015 I’m looking for a little more balance.

So with that in mind, here are a few “resolutions” for the year…

1. Let go of trying to plan everything out and go with the flow. Take some risks and don’t punish yourself if the results aren’t always what you’d hoped.

2. Get healthy but in a balanced way. I have a tendency to go to extremes when it comes to eating and exercise, which never makes me happy. More water, less sugar, more cardio BUT don’t forget to rest sometimes.

3. Strength. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Strength.

4. Graduate college!

5. Make more art. And share it. Messes and mishaps are okay because the chances of making a masterpiece are slim. Accept that.

6. Write for enjoyment instead of for school. Ditto with dancing, singing, acting, reading, you name it.

7. Be a better friend.

8. Step out of your comfort zone and be more social. Let go of trying to control what people think of you and see what happens.

9. Take the focus off yourself. I get really wrapped up in my selfish desires and problems, none of which are important in the scheme of things. I don’t need to be the best and brightest in the room. Learn that you still have worth if you aren’t the best.

10. Reclaim the magic by whatever means necessary.

Hope everyone has a lovely (and safe) NYE! xx


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