Selfie Nation

ImageBask in the glory of the first selfie of 2014.

If you have somehow avoided learning this lingo, let me clarify: a “selfie” is a casual self-portrait. Often taken on phones and posted on Instagram, they’ve become prevalent over the past few years. And their popularity has not been without discussion. Many people dislike selfies and judge the people who take them. I must say I’m guilty of poking fun of people who take daily selfies or make duck faces or what have you, but in general I’m a fan of this selfie culture I find myself in.

There have been many posts and articles that argue my point of view far more eloquently than I’m equipped to at the moment, such as Rebecca of The Clothes Horse in her post Thoughts On Selfies. I’ve linked to her post for your reading enjoyment, but I’ll say a few words on the subject. Technically, most of the photos of myself on this blog are self-portraits. I set up my camera, frame the shot, and take the photos with a remote. I also have an iPhone with a front-facing camera and frequently take selfies to check my makeup or when I’m bored. Guilty as charged. Do I consider this narcissistic? Sure, sometimes I feel bad about taking so many photos of myself, as I’ve discussed in previous posts. But then I have to ask, why should I feel guilty? Why should anyone feel guilty for taking photos of themselves? If you feel like you look good today, by all means, take a selfie. Appreciate what you look like. The more photos I take, the more I learn to appreciate and like what I look like and who I am. It’s also interesting to see how you grow and change. By having more photos of myself I can see what a difference a year makes. And if I don’t take the photos, who is going to? I don’t exactly have paparazzi following me on the daily**.

All that said, I don’t post every picture of myself that I take. Everyone with access to the Internet doesn’t need my face gracing their newsfeed on a daily basis. They’d get sick of my bone structure pretty quickly. But it’s fun to look back through my photo albums. And by fun, I mean painful because ooh there are some not so pretty pictures, but that’s all part of the game. It’s great to look back at all the hideous selfies and laugh, because for every decent picture there are at least ten atrocious ones. Blackmail, yo.

So while I’m not saying you should necessarily post a daily picture of your face, if you want to, go for it. I respect that.


**For the record, I’m glad I do not have paparazzi following me everywhere I go.


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