‘What is the Comet’ – film about Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

Video by Tod Viele on YouTube.

I’d been hearing rave reviews about the off-Broadway show Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 for awhile now but had not taken the time to check it out. I finally had the chance last night and have fallen in love with the show! Alas I won’t make it to New York before it closes on January 19th, but if you can get to the city you should definitely try to get tickets. Watch the video for an idea of what the musical is about and listen to the soundtrack! My favorite songs are probably “Charming,” “Letters,” and “Sonya Alone.”

On the subject of New York theatre, so many shows are closing today that I have friends in or I’d hoped to see. I was hoping to catch First Date before it ended but perhaps a tour in the future? Excited to see what is next for my little friend in Annie!
Counting down until I can finally move to NYC. Just a year and a half more *bangs head into door*. I’m tentatively visiting in April though, so soon my pretty. Soon I will return…


Hats Off!

ImageThe holidays are over and the wreaths must come down, but their removal made for a fortuitous photoshoot!

I’ve been wearing hats lately, which is somewhat unusual for me. I attribute it to the fact that they were banned from the dress code in grade school, so I often forget that I’m “allowed” to wear them now that I’m an “adult.” I bought both the hats I’ve worn in the past two posts at a local antique store a few weeks ago. I actually have quite the collection of vintage hats. I might make it a goal to wear them more often in 2014!




First Snow

ImageA quick outfit post! Today I woke up to the first real snow of the season and of the new year. Not enough to go sledding or build a snowman, unfortunately, but enough for the local schools to cancel classes! The next week or so is supposed to be quite cold…last I saw, the high for Monday was zero degrees! I am from Connecticut originally, so I’m used to cold winters but I can’t say I’m too excited about negative temperatures. That’s probably a good day to stay inside, curled up with a book and some hot tea!

Selfie Nation

ImageBask in the glory of the first selfie of 2014.

If you have somehow avoided learning this lingo, let me clarify: a “selfie” is a casual self-portrait. Often taken on phones and posted on Instagram, they’ve become prevalent over the past few years. And their popularity has not been without discussion. Many people dislike selfies and judge the people who take them. I must say I’m guilty of poking fun of people who take daily selfies or make duck faces or what have you, but in general I’m a fan of this selfie culture I find myself in.

There have been many posts and articles that argue my point of view far more eloquently than I’m equipped to at the moment, such as Rebecca of The Clothes Horse in her post Thoughts On Selfies. I’ve linked to her post for your reading enjoyment, but I’ll say a few words on the subject. Technically, most of the photos of myself on this blog are self-portraits. I set up my camera, frame the shot, and take the photos with a remote. I also have an iPhone with a front-facing camera and frequently take selfies to check my makeup or when I’m bored. Guilty as charged. Do I consider this narcissistic? Sure, sometimes I feel bad about taking so many photos of myself, as I’ve discussed in previous posts. But then I have to ask, why should I feel guilty? Why should anyone feel guilty for taking photos of themselves? If you feel like you look good today, by all means, take a selfie. Appreciate what you look like. The more photos I take, the more I learn to appreciate and like what I look like and who I am. It’s also interesting to see how you grow and change. By having more photos of myself I can see what a difference a year makes. And if I don’t take the photos, who is going to? I don’t exactly have paparazzi following me on the daily**.

All that said, I don’t post every picture of myself that I take. Everyone with access to the Internet doesn’t need my face gracing their newsfeed on a daily basis. They’d get sick of my bone structure pretty quickly. But it’s fun to look back through my photo albums. And by fun, I mean painful because ooh there are some not so pretty pictures, but that’s all part of the game. It’s great to look back at all the hideous selfies and laugh, because for every decent picture there are at least ten atrocious ones. Blackmail, yo.

So while I’m not saying you should necessarily post a daily picture of your face, if you want to, go for it. I respect that.


**For the record, I’m glad I do not have paparazzi following me everywhere I go.

A New Year

Happy New Year! Started 2014 off with a trip to Red River Gorge with my father and sister to do some hiking. Ended up walking a bit more than expected…one trail that we thought would be 2.5 miles round trip ended up being 2.5 each way. We hiked about 7 miles, which is a feat for a n0n-outdoorsy girl like yours truly.

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and Day! I didn’t do an overview post of 2013 because, oddly enough, it doesn’t feel like it happened. It wasn’t a particularly good year. Nothing catastrophic, but I’m not sad to see it end. I feel a little like I lost myself this year. I’m not entirely sure why or how, but I lost a lot of who I am and the magic I used to feel in being alive. Unfortunately I haven’t completely found myself once again, who knows if I ever will, but I feel like 2014 might be a step in the right direction.

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but one thing I will try to do is blog daily. That probably won’t mean outfit posts every day, but you can expect to see some brief post for the next 365 days!

dad angel windows

mariah angel windows

mariah hiking new years