Coffee Shop Nights

Coffee Shop Nights

It’s been a long time. First I couldn’t access my account, then last week was far too busy and stressful to attempt to post, but I am back for the time being. Life just has very odd timing.

I’m not quite sure what to even put in this post. It’s been a very long couple of weeks. Last week was especially difficult, what with balancing tech week and performances for The Frog Prince, the beginning of tech for The Comedy of Errors, and lots of tests and due dates in my classes. This week is calm in comparison, which is surprising as The Comedy of Errors opens this Thursday!

Besides shows and classes I am at that point where I need some big project or calling to latch onto. I’ve had a serious case of wanderlust the past week, in part because all my friends are in Europe right now! In fact, you can follow my friend Adela’s adventures here. Other friends have been doing some beautiful modeling work of late and I am now dying to have a photoshoot. Still other friends are moving onward and upward with their careers post-university, moving to big cities, booking shows. So incredibly happy for them all but it leaves me wanting more. Not that I could handle more in reality. I’m a busy bee and grateful for all the events in my life at present…I just need something new to pursue, I think. We’ll see if I find an outlet…

In the meantime, I open Comedy this week, then it is on to directing scenes, developing proposals for the New Works Festival in the Spring, Curtains (I’ll be playing Bambi come late February), juries, final projects, and deciding how to spend my winter break. Torn between going to LA for the first time or returning to NYC. Any thoughts would be appreciated!




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