Some days are just frustrating. I woke up in a decent mood but everything went downhill from there. Not in some devastating way, just little things. Little things that add up. I’m really hoping the rest of the week looks up!

That frustration started when I felt confident in none of my clothes this morning. I tried on outfit after outfit but nothing seemed quite right today. Even this outfit didn’t last long. I’m currently in leggings, an oversized sweater, and combat boots, because I was so done with it all. I do like the vibe of these photos though, with the buns and cat shirt I feel slightly like an animated character. A subtle nod to anime perhaps, hence the title of this post.


Outfit Details
Cardigan – Oscar de la Renta
Cat crop top – Forever21
Bodycon skirt – DOTS
Tights – BodyWrappers
Combat boots – Charlotte Russe
Heart pin – Handmade




2 thoughts on “Neko

  1. You are not alone, trust me. We all have those days and some just manage to handle it better! The outfit is really very cute, you looked great.

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