It’s been awhile…

…hasn’t it?


It’s the time of the year where I start getting busy and tired and my blog suffers. It isn’t that I don’t have content to post, I just end up falling asleep before I have the chance to pull something together. So let me catch you up on what I have been doing the past week or so:

…house managing Crimes of the Heart. Beautiful show, interesting audience members. Two people plugged their phones into the stage to charge. Who does that?

…breaking my addiction to Diet Coke (over two weeks soda free yay) and compensating by drinking copious amounts of tea.

…reading plays, taking tests, doing homework. Oh yeah, I still have classes, whoops.

…planning my Halloween costume. Should be brilliant if it comes together!


…multiple doctor appointments during fall break. Anemic again, only a month after my last set of infusions, so we’re giving oral iron another try. Another post to follow on this.

…seeing art.

…celebrating my parents’ birthdays!

…and now I’m spending my last day of break (wahhh why must it end) going to Keeneland with the family, dancing, and eating cupcakes. So not all bad, yeah?

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PS More pictures from the shoot above to come.


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