Out of Print

Out of Print 2

Outfit Details
Comic Dress – Wet Seal
Combat Boots – Charlotte Russe
Heart Glasses – GoJane
Earrings – StyleLately

Out of PrintSpare a hype?
Hype on Lookbook

Well I’ve bought into the comic book craze. A bit late, perhaps, but how could I resist such a fun trend?
I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a comic book girl. I’d love to read more but it can be so overwhelming deciding where to start. Any suggestions are welcome! As for comics I actually do read, I am a huge Archie fan. Love, love, love Veronica and Betty. Lusting after the MAC collection that’s out now. I’m also fond of Scooby Doo, but prefer the show to the magazines. Other than that, I’ve mostly read X-Men and plenty of manga. I recently caught up with Crepsucule after a long break and now I’m desperate for an update!
Really though, as much as I’d love comic or manga suggestions, I’ll be hard-pressed to find the time to read them. This week has been crazy and it’s only the beginning. I’ve taken on a lot of projects this semester…perhaps too many. But I’d much rather be too busy to breathe than have oodles of free time! Hopefully my many commitments don’t bite me in the arse…we’ll see!


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