Smashing the patriarchy in these combat boots! At least, that’s what I felt like doing this weekend.


I’d like to address the rude and lewd comments some people feel compelled to make when I walk down the street. This is not something I’ve had to deal with until very recently, perhaps because I look so young. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a rise in these comments of late. Screaming a patronizing “Really?!” at my from your car, creepy staring, or asking “Hey sweetheart, where you from?” when I walk by is not okay. Hell no. And I received all those reactions while wearing this outfit yesterday.

This legitimately confuses me as what I’m wearing is not explicit or even that daring. Shorts, knee highs, combat boots, and a tee. Can you really not handle that? What happens when I step out of the house in thigh high boots and a mini dress? Even if I walked down the street wearing nothing, that does not give you the right to make inappropriate and unwanted comments, gestures, or advances.

I could go on about rape culture and how the patriarchal system has created this phenomenon, but I really don’t feel like ranting today. So for now I’ll just ignore it and keep on rocking whatever I want to wear.

And if anyone wanted to know, this awesome crop top is from Modcloth! One of the purchases I made during their Last Hurrah sale.



2 thoughts on “Ka-POW

  1. Great outfit! And totally feel you about the whole rude and lewd commentary thing… there were some days where I would look at what I’m wearing and wonder whether it’s worth the possible comments I’ll get later, even though what I’m wearing isn’t even inappropriate. But fuck it, those people need to get a life and there is nothing that you and I are doing wrong.

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