A Bit Catty

I’m sure it’s clear by now that I’m a big fan of cats. Becoming a “crazy cat lady” is actually one of my life goals. As I’ve said before, all I need are cats and a career.

I’ve recently acquired a fair bit of cat clothing (though I’m always on the lookout for more – let me know if you see any cool pieces), and this crop top is one of those new acquisitions. Paired it with the navy version of my favorite high-waisted shorts and brown combat boots. You’ll continue to see this Forever21 tote in posts as it’s my school bag for MWF classes. It’s a staple in my closet right now as it is the perfect size, durable, and cute…not to mention inexpensive!

A Bit CattySpare a hype?
Hype on Lookbook

In non outfit related news, today I became the mentor to two new theatre and dance freshmen! I am so incredibly excited to get to be a mentor and my mentees are absolutely wonderful! Hopefully they’ll make an occasional appearance on this blog. I’m a bit concerned it will be like the blind leading the blond though, as it seems like just yesterday that I was assigned a mentor in the program. Two years later and I still feel a little clueless…but that’s life!

Hope you have a purrr-fect day!


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