Doll 4

Nothing like a mini dress to make me feel like a doll! I actually altered this dress from a huge maxi dress I found at Goodwill. Loved the print and shape but not the length. So a quick chop and hem did the trick! Although I chopped it a bit too short perhaps…tights, leggings, or booty shorts are a must with this one!

I’ve been trying to alter my thrifted items of late so that I’m more likely to wear them. I’m slowly getting the hang of machine sewing but I can’t say I’m adept at it yet. I have started a few fully handmade skirts though, which I’m quite excited about!

Doll 1

Spare a hype?
Hype on Lookbook

Doll 2

Outfit Details
Daisy dress – Goodwill, altered by me
Boots – DOTS
Tree earrings – borrowed from mum
Lips tote – Forever21

Doll 3



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