Wild About You

I’ve been listening to a bit too much Top Hat over the past few days, hence the title. After seeing it in London it has become one of my new dream shows! Of course, today’s outfit is certainly not something Ginger Rogers would wear…

Ended up wearing my millennium shorts from Charlotte Russe again. I’m going to have to invest in a few more pairs since I’m so obsessed! But high-waisted short shorts go with everything. Was playing around earlier: curled my hair and threw on some heels to take pictures, which I’ll share later. Unfortunately heels are pretty impractical to wear around the house, drive, or dance in so I adapted my outfit to something a bit more wearable.

Wild About You 2

Outfit Details
Long sleeved tissue tee – Target
Millennium shorts – Charlotte Russe
Studded sneakers – Wet Seal
Sequin and rhinestone collar necklace – H&M

Wild About You

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