Wild About You

I’ve been listening to a bit too much Top Hat over the past few days, hence the title. After seeing it in London it has become one of my new dream shows! Of course, today’s outfit is certainly not something Ginger Rogers would wear…

Ended up wearing my millennium shorts from Charlotte Russe again. I’m going to have to invest in a few more pairs since I’m so obsessed! But high-waisted short shorts go with everything. Was playing around earlier: curled my hair and threw on some heels to take pictures, which I’ll share later. Unfortunately heels are pretty impractical to wear around the house, drive, or dance in so I adapted my outfit to something a bit more wearable.

Wild About You 2

Outfit Details
Long sleeved tissue tee – Target
Millennium shorts – Charlotte Russe
Studded sneakers – Wet Seal
Sequin and rhinestone collar necklace – H&M

Wild About You

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An Elegant Rebellion

Apologies for not posting for a few days! I’ve been preparing for A Chorus Line, which opened last night! Unfortunately we’d been rained out of our last few rehearsals (oh the perils of outdoor theatre) so I wasn’t positive about how opening night was going to go. But we have an incredibly talented cast who killed it!

I swear I’m going to have a separate post about the show probably near the end of our run, so I’ll hold off on talking much about it, but there is nothing in the world like a good opening night. It reminded me just how much I love performing. Sure, there were small mistakes, but overall I felt great about the show. I could not stop grinning afterwards. Basically, I FREAKING LOVE PERFORMING!

And now to the outfit of the day, which I also freaking love. This outfit is one that really defines me. Audrey Hepburn, my idol, on a tee plus high-waisted shorts, boots, and a feminist button? Aka elegance plus rebellion is Fiona in a nutshell.


Outfit Details
Audrey Hepburn tee – Wet Seal
Millennium shorts – Charlotte Russe
Fuchsia boots – UrbanOG
Military vest – had since I was in middle school
Feminist pin – DIY











And now for something a bit more dramatic…


What else is there to do on a summer afternoon besides practice for your show that night?

Grey Skies

…smiling at me! I love overcast days like today EXCEPT for when I have rehearsal outside for a show opening Wednesday. Rain, rain, go away by 7pm pretty please! We need to rehearse!

But really, if you are in Lexington anytime from July 24 to August 4, come see KCT’s A Chorus Line. It’s shaping up to be an excellent show. Will post more about it in the coming days.

In the meantime I’m off to see Red 2 with my parents. Loved the first Red movie, so hoping the sequel is just as excellent. How can it not be when it has Helen Mirren being a badass?!



DSC_0569-001Pretending to be a runway model…as I do.


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Outfit Details

Pants – Goodwill
Tank top – Forever 21
Sandals – Aldo
Beanie – gift
Pearl and silver circle earrings – gift
Silver circle necklace – gift
Clutch – my grandmother’s


I feel like I’m the worst, so I always act like I’m the best

Yes, that title is a Marina & the Diamonds lyric! I adore both her songs and style! That particular lyric is from Oh No!, which is probably the song I most identify with. “TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal” – yeah, that would be my life.

Anyway, chose the title lyric because today’s outfit is a bit different for me. I love, love, love crop tops and high-waisted shorts but I rarely wear them because I’m so self-conscious. But I bought this crop top in Paris and have been dying to wear it. Just got these shorts in, so I thought what the hell, might as well brave it. Not going to lie, did throw a cardigan on when I went to lunch because I’m not quite ready to rock this in public!


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Outfit Details
Crop top – Undiz in Paris, France
Millennium shorts – Charlotte Russe
Hi-top sneakers – Apple Bottoms
Rhinestone and spike necklace – DOTS
Studded leather cuff – DOTS
Silver cuff


DSC_0517-001Moose felt the need to come check out what I was doing…