Ahhh summer! These photos are from Mother’s Day earlier this month. I visited Mayfest with the family before stopping at Ashland to see the peonies. Post coming with more photos from the day, but thought I’d keep the outfit photos separate! It was a little cooler than the photos suggest. I slipped on a few layers as soon as the photos were done, not going to lie! But I’ve been so desperate for summer weather after such a cold spring. Just let me wear light dresses and sandals without freezing, pretty please!

As is always true with the best clothes, this dress has a story behind it. My mom got it in Hawaii on her honeymoon over 25 years ago! I love wearing hand-me-downs from my family, especially ones that mean something. The dress itself is lovely too. Nice color, nice print, nice shape, and oh so comfortable.




Outfit Details
Hawaiian Dress – my mother’s
Platforms – Target
Teal stone bracelet









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