Here Be Dragons


Went adventuring with my friends Anna Lee and EB earlier this Spring. EB showed us this lovely park and bridge that we otherwise would not have happened upon! I love exploring new places in BG; there are some really beautiful places in Kentucky. My outfit is somewhat different than usual. I felt like being a bit of a badass and the best way to accomplish that, to me, is all black! The star of this outfit is my dragon ear cuff, though. It was a gift from my Secret Santa this past Christmas. I’d been wanting one for ages, so it was the perfect gift! Scroll down for a better look at it!



Outfit Details
Black maxi dress – DOTS
Cropped faux leather jacket
Copper flats – Goodwill
Black belt – Vintage
Dragon ear cuff – gift




A bit random, but I’m a huge fan of dragons. Always have been, always will be. I used to collect dragon figurines. I named them all and wrote stories about them. I also constantly read about them. Dragons and fairies are perhaps my favorite mythological creatures. I always wanted to be a fairy princess with a dragon sidekick. Not one of those damsels in distress, mind you. I would be my own knight in shining armor. I still cling to the hope that one day I’ll develop magical powers and come across a dragon egg. It could happen…


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