Funny story. The theatre department had a Dionysus party a few weeks ago, hence the toga attire you see here. I planned to go as Artemis (my goddess, but more about that later) and Anna Lee was going as Athena. Well, we got all dressed up and took pictures, but we never actually went to the party. Our antisocial bums ordered pizza and watched Hercules instead. Arguably, a much better use of time.




Anyhow, just as I love dragons, I adore Greek mythology. Basically, I love mythology in general. But the Ancient Greeks hold a special place in my heart. Ever since 7th grade history, I’ve been obsessed. Honestly, their religion still makes the most sense to me. The gods weren’t inherently good, the stories explained everything that science had yet to, and they were pretty much all badasses. My favorite goddesses are Artemis and Athena. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is fairly self-explanatory for nerdy little me. You might not be as familiar with Artemis though, also known as Diana the Huntress. Artemis is the goddess of the moon (and twin sister to Apollo, the sun god), hunting, virginity, and the protector of young woman. One time, a man saw her bathing so she turned him into a deer and had his own hunting dogs tear him apart. Yeah, she’s a badass.


Oh hey, it’s my friend Anna Lee of The Squirrel Next Door! Go visit her blog!



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