Bonjour Paris!

france 2010

Pardon the cheesy title, but I’m off to Paris, France for a month! I leave bright and early at 5am tomorrow and touch down in Paris around 6am on Friday. Not looking forward to the inevitable lack of sleep and jetlag. Other than that I’m a bit nervous! I’ve been to Europe before, three years ago, and we spent about three days in Paris (hence the above photo), so it’s not entirely new to me. However, I do not speak French at all really. I’ve taken Spanish for years and years, dabbled in Japanese, but I’ve been frantically trying to pick up a few words over the past week or so. Hopefully I’ll learn quickly once I’m there!

I’m not sure what quality of Internet access or amount of free time I’ll have, so posts will no doubt be pretty random. However, I will try to post a few times a week! I promise there will be many, many photos!

Until next time!





Ahhh summer! These photos are from Mother’s Day earlier this month. I visited Mayfest with the family before stopping at Ashland to see the peonies. Post coming with more photos from the day, but thought I’d keep the outfit photos separate! It was a little cooler than the photos suggest. I slipped on a few layers as soon as the photos were done, not going to lie! But I’ve been so desperate for summer weather after such a cold spring. Just let me wear light dresses and sandals without freezing, pretty please!

As is always true with the best clothes, this dress has a story behind it. My mom got it in Hawaii on her honeymoon over 25 years ago! I love wearing hand-me-downs from my family, especially ones that mean something. The dress itself is lovely too. Nice color, nice print, nice shape, and oh so comfortable.




Outfit Details
Hawaiian Dress – my mother’s
Platforms – Target
Teal stone bracelet








Black and Gold


Today’s outfit features quite a few pieces from one of my absolute favorite stores, Street Scene Vintage! I stopped by their sidewalk sale the other day and picked up this black jumpsuit and gold purse. The purse in particular is such fun, with the gold metal elephant on the front. I’m planning on taking it to Paris with me next week. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off the jumpsuit, but thought I’d give it a try. Why not, right? But I ended up liking the effect, especially with the black lace tank underneath. Looking forward to trying different styling the next time I wear it.

I also got a haircut today! Just a trim, before I leave for France. Speaking of, I take off this Thursday! My French language skills are atrocious, but I’m hoping I’ll pick things up quickly once I’m immersed in it. Honestly I’ve been thinking more about what to wear while I’m there, isn’t that sad? But as a chronic overpacker, I’m doing my best to limit myself on what clothes to take. It’s stressing me out because it’s Paris, dammit, and I want to look fabulous while I’m there! Especially if I’m going to be attending fashion shows (for extra credit in one of my courses, eep).

I am hoping that I’ll be able to post a few times a week while I’m there. Not sure how reliable the WiFi is or how much free time I’ll have, but I’m sure I’ll be able to update at least one type of social media. So if you’re interested in what I’m doing, be sure to check my Twitter and Instagram too!



Outfit Details
Jumpsuit – Street Scene Vintage
Gold elephant purse – Street Scene Vintage
Lace tank – Macy’s
Sandals – Aldo
Skull pin
Metal clock bracelet









Funny story. The theatre department had a Dionysus party a few weeks ago, hence the toga attire you see here. I planned to go as Artemis (my goddess, but more about that later) and Anna Lee was going as Athena. Well, we got all dressed up and took pictures, but we never actually went to the party. Our antisocial bums ordered pizza and watched Hercules instead. Arguably, a much better use of time.




Anyhow, just as I love dragons, I adore Greek mythology. Basically, I love mythology in general. But the Ancient Greeks hold a special place in my heart. Ever since 7th grade history, I’ve been obsessed. Honestly, their religion still makes the most sense to me. The gods weren’t inherently good, the stories explained everything that science had yet to, and they were pretty much all badasses. My favorite goddesses are Artemis and Athena. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is fairly self-explanatory for nerdy little me. You might not be as familiar with Artemis though, also known as Diana the Huntress. Artemis is the goddess of the moon (and twin sister to Apollo, the sun god), hunting, virginity, and the protector of young woman. One time, a man saw her bathing so she turned him into a deer and had his own hunting dogs tear him apart. Yeah, she’s a badass.


Oh hey, it’s my friend Anna Lee of The Squirrel Next Door! Go visit her blog!


Here Be Dragons


Went adventuring with my friends Anna Lee and EB earlier this Spring. EB showed us this lovely park and bridge that we otherwise would not have happened upon! I love exploring new places in BG; there are some really beautiful places in Kentucky. My outfit is somewhat different than usual. I felt like being a bit of a badass and the best way to accomplish that, to me, is all black! The star of this outfit is my dragon ear cuff, though. It was a gift from my Secret Santa this past Christmas. I’d been wanting one for ages, so it was the perfect gift! Scroll down for a better look at it!



Outfit Details
Black maxi dress – DOTS
Cropped faux leather jacket
Copper flats – Goodwill
Black belt – Vintage
Dragon ear cuff – gift




A bit random, but I’m a huge fan of dragons. Always have been, always will be. I used to collect dragon figurines. I named them all and wrote stories about them. I also constantly read about them. Dragons and fairies are perhaps my favorite mythological creatures. I always wanted to be a fairy princess with a dragon sidekick. Not one of those damsels in distress, mind you. I would be my own knight in shining armor. I still cling to the hope that one day I’ll develop magical powers and come across a dragon egg. It could happen…